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Tips to Take Your Business Card to the Next Level

Giving Business Card
In a modern world where nearly everything is digitized and people can search for loads of information at the touch of a button, business cards are still a reigning way to get your craft or service noticed. You'd be amazed how much power a tiny piece of cardstock carries when it comes to promoting and maintaining your business.
Your business card certainly contains pertinent information that potential customers need, such as your name, contact information and possibly a logo or slogan, but if you really want this form of marketing to stand out, you need to take your business card to a new level. Here are some ways that you can transform your business card so it creates wider awareness for your company.

Upgrade Your Font

The font on your business card should be bold, easy to read at a quick glance and clean in appearance. Too many swirls and loops or shadowing can crowd your business card and make it too busy for people to bother reading. Consider the following fonts when you have your cards printed at a professional printing company:
  • Impact
  • Elephant
  • Tahoma
  • Rockwell
Keep in mind that the number of words on your business card will affect the type of font you can choose. For example, elephant is a very bold print and works best for singular statements, whereas Tahoma is more widespread and subtle, which is best for slogans or website addresses on your business card.

Make Your Card Useful

A business card can (and should) be more than a simple piece of cardstock. You can transform your business card so it can be used for a number of purposes with the help of your printing specialist. Consider having the following transitions made to your current card:
  • Business card magnet/sticker
  • Business card bookmark
  • Business card coupon
  • Business card calendar
People are more likely to take notice and hold onto your business card if it can be useful to them.

Add a Picture

Your current business card may come with a stock photo or no photo at all. Your card should have something memorable about it to associate your potential clients and customers to you. Consider adding a current photo of your business to your card to use as a backdrop or adding your own updated photo to its design.
The goal of a photo is to create recognition with your customers. By being able to put a face or an actual building with your company name, logo or website, your business card can stay in the minds of customers for longer periods of time.

Add Texture

Business cards are often designed in a matte or glossy finish. Take your business cards one step further by having texture added to them to make them stand out among other cards. Consider recycled paper (which contains a natural grit), a wooden finish or even high-gloss metal to change the way your business cards both look and feel.
Upgrading your business card is a smart move to make your company more recognizable among customers. Since business cards are one of the best marketing tools you can use, investing in a new and improved card can pay off with higher customer retention, greater sales and a leg up on your competition.
Discuss the ways you want to make your business card stand out with your printing specialist. They can help you choose fonts, color backgrounds, photos and other techniques to make your business card more memorable.
When you choose InkSpot Printing for your advertising and marketing needs, you choose a company with years of experience. Allow us to assist you in your business card design today.