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Planning Your Marketing Strategy? Don't Forget About Promotional Products

Planning A Marketing Strategy
In today's technological world, many businesses focus on social media and their own website as a major part of their marketing strategy. While it is true that a business needs to have a web presence to survive today, you still need to have other tactics for advertising and promoting what your business does and who your business is.

Promotional products are a cost-effective way to keep your brand in front of consumers. They are small gifts with your name and logo that you hand out to current and prospective customers. The fact the gifts are physical items that may be useful or whimsical provides a tactile reminder of your business. 

Choosing the promotional product you want to give away is important. You may want to have a few different types of products to reach the most people possible. A good printing company will be able to help you decide which items you want to have associated with your company. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering promotional products for your business.

Remember the Benefits of Promotional Products

The more items you have printed with your name and logo the more people will see them. Brand recognition is important when it comes to increasing sales. While people may not remember exactly where they saw your business's branding, they will remember it. The next time they are looking to buy the products or services you sell your name will pop into their mind.

If the product you give away is something people will keep and use, then your name will be right there, in front of them. Even if they are not thinking about your products or services they will have a reminder that may cause them to give you a call or visit. For example, a wall calendar from an HVAC company may remind people to call them for annual maintenance and servicing.

When someone has one of your promotional products on their desk or uses it regularly, other people are going to see it. These other people may even ask where your customer got it. A radio or television advertisement, or a website will not get the same type of exposure as a physical object. It is important to use a variety of marketing strategies to get your name out to the public.

Choose the Right Promotional Product

You can have anything printed with your name and logo. However, if you want the consumers to keep them, you need to consider a few things. The first thing is who your target audience will be, decide whether you want to give away something useful or something more whimsical, then think about items that can somehow represent your business.

If your product or service is used mainly by businesses, you should give away useful items. This can be as simple as a day planner, mouse pad, or a USB drive. When your customers are homeowners, you may want to give them wall calendars, sticky notes, or mugs.

If you opt for more whimsical items consider stress balls, small handheld games or puzzles, or a trending novelty item like fidget spinners. These items get used and passed around. They also grab people's attention. 

Of course, having a promotional item that somehow represents your company is a good idea. Perhaps a stress ball in the shape of something you sell, or pictures on the calendar of your business. The more you remind consumers of who you are and what you do, the better the promotional product will work for you.

Next time you're planning your marketing strategy, contact a business that is capable of printing your brand on promotional products. Our team at InkSpot Printing will more than meet your expectations. Call us today to learn more.