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3 Effective &2 Ineffective Promotional Products for the Modern World

In today's digital age, many companies have replaced physical promotions with digital campaigns. Fortunately, consumers still love physical marketing; companies just need a proper strategy to ensure that their physical promotions make it into the right hands.

One of the best ways to create brand awareness is with promotional products. Logos and graphics are printed directly on these products in hopes that consumers use them and display your branding to others.

Professional printing of these products can really help promote your business, but it's important to choose the right products. In the modern world, there are some products that will work a lot better than others. Browse through our list and see what ones can help you promote your business and which products you should avoid.

Effective: Reusable Bags

As more people become aware of their carbon footprint, they are making changes to their daily lives in an effort to improve. One of the easiest changes people have made is the transition from plastic and paper bags to reusable tote bags. Not only do the bags reduce waste, but also they typically have more room than a standard grocery bag and can withstand dozens of trips to the grocery store.

Add your logo and branding colors to the exterior of these bags to provide a great way to promote your business. Every time someone shops with your tote bag, other shoppers and employees are exposed to your business. The tote bags may also be used for beach trips, the gym, and many other locations.

Ineffective: Calculators

Large tabletop calculators used to provide a great way for businesses and homes to display a logo. Now, the product just takes up space and is obsolete when compared to digital options. Calculators are built into phones, computers, and tablets. With easy access, consumers are less likely to grab or want the free calculator with your logo printed on it.

Effective: Universal Charging Cables

While the calculator may not have much use, people are always looking for a new charging cable for devices. A universal charging cable typically features a USB port on one end and several connection ports on the other side. Your logo may be printed in multiple areas on the cable along with a specific color finish for the exterior of the cable.

These cables may be used in the home, office, or car, often exposing your business and branding to personal consumers and others. People constantly need to charge various devices and a universal cable works with a majority of them.

Ineffective: Phone Cases

Phone cases provide a large area to print your logo on, but it's hard to determine who will actually use the case. There are so many different phone models out there that it's hard to determine exactly what size case to have made. By the time you start handing out the cases, there may be a new phone model, making your case design obsolete.

Other factors, including charging ports or additional phone accessories, make the use of a phone case a challenging product to hand out to customers.

Effective: Pens

No matter how advanced our digital technology gets, people still use pens to write by hand - especially when the pens are free. Pens are used daily by people filling out papers, writing notes, or doing simple tasks like making grocery lists. Newer pens also feature stylus tips for use with digital devices. Your business logo and contact information can be printed directly on the pen for every who uses it to see.

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