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Effective Business Signage and Graphics

As a business owner, you want your signage and graphics to provide current information about your business, attract customers, and persuade customers about the merits of your business. You also want your signs and graphics to be consistent and establish a recognizable image and brand. You can have all of these qualities with strategic planning and printing. Here are some things to consider when you design and print your business signage and graphics.
Signage That Is Consistent
For effective signage that consistently promotes your business, design your signs with the entire year in mind. All signs and banners should relate to each other to make your brand recognizable with a familiar logo, consistent colors, and identifiable typography. They can also display additional current information and messages.
Vinyl signage is a good choice to use for business signs and graphics as they can be interchanged often, can be hung in any weather, and are easy to maintain.
To facilitate sign interchanges, have your vinyl signs installed with metal grommets on the top and bottom edges. The top grommets can be used to hang the signs while the bottom grommets can be used to attach smaller seasonal signs.
When not in use, vinyl signs can be rolled up and stored on cardboard or plastic tubes.
Signage Placement
Here are some locations that you can use to display your business signs and graphics:
Window Graphics
Vinyl window graphics are eye-catching and can attract customers to come into your business. New customers can be invited to become acquainted with your business while returning customers can be invited to come in to see what is new.
A large window sign can be hung high from the top of a window. Smaller vinyl signs can be hung from the bottom of this large window sign or hung with suction cups with hooks.
Door Graphics
Vinyl door signs can be printed to hang on the interior of a glass entrance door. Door signs can be displayed when your business is open and rolled up when you close your business for the day.
Vehicle Graphics
Vinyl signage can also be displayed on the exterior of a company van or car to advertise your business wherever you travel.
You can make these magnetic signs in sizes that fit car doors as well as van and truck side panels. You can change these vehicle signs whenever you change your business signage on the exterior and interior of your business.
Interior Graphics
Interior vinyl wall signs can be printed to announce your business identity as well as special events. These interior signs can often be changed to pique customer interest.
Vinyl signs can also be hung from the ceiling in the interior of your business to announce special messages and direct customers to other sections of the building. Smaller signs can be printed on poster board to use on point-of-purchase displays and free-standing easels.
Signage in Flyers, Brochures, Decals, and Business Cards
Business flyers, brochures, decals, and business cards can be printed for customers when they visit your business location. These handouts can be updated and often changed to keep them current and announce new products and special events.
Signage Regulations
When designing signage and graphics for your business, check with your local city and county government offices for applicable sign regulations and building codes. There may be size restrictions in effect in your location, and you may be required to obtain a permit to hang your business signs.
For a complete selection of professionally printed business signage and graphics, contact Inkspot Printing. Our technicians can design and print a complete year of exterior and interior signs for your business. Call us or come in to discuss how we can create custom business solutions for your specific business.