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5 Things a Successful Trade Show Booth Needs to Be

Blurred Fair Trade Show
Trade shows and conventions are some of the best ways to reach a high volume of potential customers in a very short period of time. But you'll be one of many vendors in a crowded room seeking the attention of those same potential customers. How can you ensure that your trade show booth gets noticed - in all the right ways? Here are five things you and your booth need to be in order to succeed.

1. Be Tall

Your booth needs to draw in visitors from a distance. Use your vertical booth space in order to do this. Eye-catching graphics should extend well above eye level so they are most visible in the sea of neighboring booths.
Place a statement graphic element up in this space - anything from an oversize logo, to a mascot, to a 3D image of the product you're showcasing. And consider extending graphics all the way down onto the floor of your space.

2. Be Big

The words and images in your booth should be easy to read from several distances. But what design aspects of the booth need to be noticeable and understood at different lengths?
First, those in nearby rows or surrounding traffic patterns need to be able to see your logo, name, and basic branding from afar. Then, passersby walking past your booth need to be able to see and read images about your products or services before they even enter the booth. And finally, once inside your space, people need to be able to quickly and clearly understand what you want them to know.

3. Be Simple

Your trade show pitch is not the time to get wordy and detailed. Leave that to your marketing brochures. The booth is there to give the most necessary, exciting information in a clear and readable format. Remember that you will only have a few seconds to get the point across.
For instance, have you developed a new way to recycle waste products in your target industry? Start with images of the results - waste being replaced by profit, the air or planet being cleaner, and happy business owners - to catch people's attention. Inside the booth, give very short, very visual demonstrations - on walls or in video format - of how the process works. Finally, give folks glossy handouts of the details or a small sample to hold.

4. Be Bold

Don't blend in with the crowd. Trade shows aren't a time for understatement. There are very few ways to be too much at a full convention. Use bold - but not overly busy - color schemes. Even a color base like allwhite can make your space - and your message - stand out with its simplicity and monochrome design.
Be bold with marketing materials as well. Look for new and creative things to hand out to visitors, like small puzzles, branded laptop skins, a large and reusable bag, water bottles, cell phone accessories, or koozies. Have a raffle, do door prizes or instant contests, offer snacks - basically do whatever you can to create a fun, buzzy atmosphere that people will remember and mention to others.

5. Be Clear

Even with all this emphasis on being seen from a distance, remember that once customers are drawn in, they will be up close and personal with your displays. That means using only high quality graphics and images. Don't use any images that are second-hand scans; instead, rely on native files of logos, pictures, wording, and product designs. Purchase high resolution stock photos if yours aren't clear and striking enough at all viewing ranges.
At Inkspot Printing, we understand the power of graphics, clarity, simplicity, and striking images at all levels of marketing. We will work with you to make your graphics stand out no matter what size or scope the trade show is. Call us today to learn more.